Staffing Solutions 

 We have a stable of excellent candidates that can start working immediately. We invite you to consult with us to find a match for your company.

Forward Thinking

As industries and careers evolve and grow, we evolve and grow as well. We are constantly searching for how we can serve our clients better.

Mission Statement: 

"We are a professional automotive dealership staffing firm offering the best guaranteed applicant for our clients. By using a proprietary solution we are able to provide both client and applicant with long-term careers". 

 We are a family owned firm that has very deep roots in Tampa. We work with each dealership to identify the unique qualities they are looking for in their employees. With this customized approach we are able to match them with the best applicant to fit their exact requirements.

The GPS Team 

Gps - Navigating you to a long-term career

Our Client Strategy

We want to find our clients a candidate that fits their exact needs. By having an understanding of the details of your perfect employee, we are able to then find the personality and experience that is a fit. 

Gomez Professional Staffing

 Beyond The Box

We want to know the details of the candidate you want to hire. Then, using our system, we are able to drill down our applicants to give you a better choice of employee. This is what makes a long-term career and relationship.